1st Annual Canyon Coues N’ Brews

The second week of January marked the first ever Canyon Coues N’ Brews – a weeklong Mexico coues deer YouTube event, hosted by our friends at The Mountain Project.

The hunt welcomed 4 popular YouTube channels on the weeklong journey to a remote ranch in the heart of Sonora, Mexico to hunt Coues deer and test the limits of our rotomolded coolers.

Located on a remote ranch hours from the nearest source of ice, food, and beer, we felt this was the perfect test for how well our ice boxes could keep provisions cold and fresh, and also illustrate the importance of a super cooler on such an excursion.

The YouTube channels invited along on the hunt include the very popular LunkersTV, along with Shed Crazy, Ben Sandall Lifestyle, and of course The Mountain Project.

The trip was full of hard days glassing and chasing wary, hormone driven deer, enduring inclement weather, basking in incredible sunsets, eating authentic food and a lot of laughs. It was truly a great time, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Take a look below to check out the hunts from LunkersTV and Shed Crazy, with videos from Ben Sandall Lifestyle and The Mountain Project yet to air.

LunkersTV Episode 1
LunkersTV Episode 2
LunkersTV Episode 3
Shed Crazy Episode 1
Shed Crazy Episode 2
Shed Crazy Episode 3

The products used on this trip ranged from our Outfitter 35 qt. coolers, all the way up to the brand new Navigator 150. Each with a separate and specific job.

The larger coolers, including the Navigator and the Prospector were used to store ice and meat, and as such were opened only 1 time per day, enabling maximum thermal insulation. The smaller coolers, the Outfitter 35 and Outfitter 55 were used to keep beverages and fruit cold, and were opened multiple times throughout the day as the group of hunters replenished. A packing and usage schema as such is the ideal way of ensuring maximum ice retention for the duration of a long adventure.